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Awareness Explorers "Zoom With You" Event April 24th

AE Zoom QA.png
Passcode: awareness
Now that we have 80 episodes under our belt, we’re inspired to try something new.  We’re going to do a ZOOM WITH YOU Awareness Explorers podcast, and you’re invited to join us to ask questions and explore with us. The topic will be what helps and what hinders your experience of Awakened Awareness.  You’ll be free to ask questions of Brian and Jonathan, or share your thoughts on this subject.  It will be an hour of exploration, discovery, and new learning.   We hope you’ll join us.
WHEN: Saturday April 24th at 9:30 am PST, 12:30 pm Eastern
WHERE: Where else?  Zoom.  Here’s the link and passcode:
WHY: It’ll be fun, and we can use your wisdom and your questions
If you miss the recording date, you’ll be able to see it a couple of weeks later when we send it out on YouTube and all the podcast apps to explorers throughout the galaxy.  
As the hosts of the podcast, we both enjoy your input, questions, support, and feedback.  We look forward to seeing many of your smiling faces as we go exploring together on the 24th of April.
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