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People find out about our podcast by word of mouth. So to encourage you to tell your friends about our podcast, we’re offering $100 cash, several awakening CD’s, and a link to a lecture of Jonathan's favorite awakening methods to the person who emails the most amount of their friends about how much they enjoy our podcast.


That means that if you email even one friend, you could win, but the more people you email, the more chance of winning.


All you need to do is copy us in the email you send to friends or family, and include a link to either our AwarenessExplorers website or our Apple Podcasts/iTunes page..


You can cc us at so we can see who sent recommendations to the most people.


You may be wondering what to write. Well it's probably best that you use your own words, but it can be something very simple such as:




Dear Friends,


Lately I've been listening to a really great podcast called "Awareness Explorers." In the podcast, the two hosts reveal truly powerful methods for finding inner peace and a deeper spiritual connection. They also explore fascinating subjects around the ideas of spiritual growth and awakening, and include interviews with famous teachers such as Adyashanti, Byron Katie, and many others. Since I know you to be someone who is interested in spiritual development, I figured you'd want to know about it.


Of course, the podcast is free on iTunes, YouTube, Spotify, and most podcast apps, or you can subscribe to it and get a full list of the episodes plus over 30 guided meditations at their website: To subscribe, just look for the "Subscribe Now" button on the home page or contact page.


You can also subscribe on Apple Podcasts (iTunes):

If you listen to an episode, let me know. I'd love to hear what you think and maybe we can even talk about the methods and ideas they reveal. Till then, have a Happy Holiday Season...





If you are listening to this podcast after 2019, you can still win a copy of Jonathan's book “The Technology of Joy” just by emailing 3 friends about this podcast and letting us know you did that. Simply cc us at Once you do that, we'll send you an ebook version of "The Technology of Joy: the 101 Best Apps, Gadgets, Tools and Supplements for Feeling More Delight In Your Life."




Jonathan Robinson

Brian Tom O'Connor

Photo by Wesley Eland on Unsplash

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